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The Mill Zappalà Oreste e Figli

for over 60 years produces re-milled semolina

and by-products from the milling of durum wheat sicilian

offering flour constants in the quality and customizable

according to the needs of each individual customer.

All this is possible thanks to the Know-How

inherited from previous generations.





      Sicilian Authentic Flour 

Mill Zappalà Oreste e Figli snc - Via Etnea, 44 Mascalucia (CT) Italy - P. iva IT00674360870 -☎ +39 095 7272106 (also multilingual Whatsapp) -☎ + 39 095 3286086 - info@molinozappala.com - Privacy and Cookies




May 2021

Photovoltaic system

"Green" project

January 2023

System update

January 2024

Facility Update

We inaugurate the month of May 2021 with the achievement of a first milestone on the road to environmental sustainability; the installation of a photovoltaic system that will allow us to produce our flours in green mode, allowing, every year, to avoid the emission of over 16,000 kg of CO2 into the environment, also contributing to the sustainable well-being of future generations.

New plansifter installed:

machine that receives the ground products from the rolling mills and takes care of selecting the various fractions of these flours, using the sieves and the different glazes.​

Further Cleaning System for Wheat, capable of more effectively removing all foreign bodies from Sicilian Wheat before Milling


March 2019

New Packaging

Re-milled semolina from Sicily

July 2014

System update

January 2019

System update

A product marketing strategy aimed at highlighting the Sicilian nature of our durum wheat semolina and flour is constituted with the new packaging, in which, on the back, the Sicilian brand is depicted, which is associated with the origin of the raw material used

"Made in Sicily".

To improve the characteristics of the finished products and increase the daily capacity, a new high-performance pneumatic transport system has been installed which is used to transport the semi-finished products in the various sieving processes.

Installation of a new cleaning system. This process concerns the treatments to which the wheat is subjected before the start of milling and has the purpose of eliminating vegetable or material impurities of the cereal, so as to guarantee high hygienic-sanitary parameters.

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